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News articles about eating disorders and related topics from 12 months ago or earlier.  Click here to see current news articles.

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1 The Anorexic Brain
July 2013 - In a spacious hotel room not far from the beach in La Jolla, Calif., Kelsey Heenan gripped her fiancé’s hand. Heenan, a 20-year-old anorexic woman, couldn’t believe what she was...
2 Program Compelling Outpatient Treatment for Mental Illness is Working, Study Says
July 2013 - For some people with severe mental illness, life is a cycle of hospitalization, skipped medication, decline and then rehospitalization. They may deny they have psychiatric disorders...
3 What You Need To Know About Men And Eating Disorders
July 2013 - Eating disorders aren't just a "woman thing." People of all gender identifications, ages, races and sexualities suffer from eating disorders and struggle with body image issues, but the majority of eating...
4 How are people suffering from binge eating and bulimia perceived by the public?
April 2013 - With growing efforts to increase awareness of mental health issues, we hope that people have a more accurate understanding of eating and weight issues. What factors causes bulimia? To what...
5 Mother-Daughter Team Makes Executive Assistance Personal
May/June 2013 - Marlene and Vanessa McCaslin started My Executive Personal Assistant, LLC five years ago...
6 First study of eating disorders in teen ER patients suggests an opportunity to spot hidden problems
November 2012 - 16 percent of emergency room patients aged 14-20 may have undiagnosed binge eating, bulimia, anorexia or other eating problem. Could the emergency room be a good place to spot undiagnosed...
7 Learning about the dual diagnosis of an eating disorder and type 1 diabetes
October 2012 - The dual diagnosis of an eating disorder and type 1 diabetes is often referred to as “diabulimia,” however this is not a medically recognized term and it is not an accurate description...
8 Virginia Eating Disorders Law Signed
March 2013 - In March 2013, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed a bill for parental education and school screenings for eating disorders. This marks a landmark victory in the fight against eating disorders...
9 Too-Skinny Model Ban Takes Effect In Israel
January 2013 - A controversial Israeli law banning too-skinny models went into effect with the start of 2013, prompting observers around the world to buzz about how much weight it will hold...
10 Anorexic Men Face Difficulty in Diagnosis
February 2013 - Of the estimated 30 million people in the United States with eating disorders, about 10 million of them are men...
11 Bulimia Nervosa article in the New England Journal of Medicine
March 2013 - A 27-year-old woman presented with fatigue and a 4-day history of a painful sore in her mouth. Physical examination revealed a body-mass index (the weight in kilograms divided by...
12 After Newtown, families hold out for mental health reform
March 2013 - When Newtown father Neil Heslin testified before a congressional hearing on gun violence last month, his emotional plea for stricter gun laws went viral instantly. Photos of his tearful testimony...
13 FREED act introduced
May 2013 - The Eating Disorder Coalition (EDC) applauds Representative Ted Deutch’s (D-FL) introduction of H.R. 2101 the Federal Response to Eliminate Eating Disorders Act of 2013 (FREED Act). The FREED Act is...
14 Why Suicide Has Become an Epidemic
May 2013 - When Thomas Joiner was 25 years old, his father—whose name was also Thomas Joiner and who could do anything—disappeared from the family’s home. At the time, Joiner was a graduate...
15 Not Your Daughter’s Eating Disorder
May 2013 - Janice Bremis was stunned the day her husband came home and announced that, after six years of marriage, he was moving out. When he did finally pack up and rent a room from a friend, Bremis had...
16 Abercrombie & Fitch Meets with Teen Activists and National Groups
May 2013 - Teen activists who traveled to Columbus to converge on the headquarters of fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) to stage a protest over dis-pleasure about “hurtful and discriminatory”comments...
17 Dove Hires Criminal Sketch Artist to Draw Women as They See Themselves and as Others See Them
April 2013 - Gil Zamora is an FBI-trained forensics artist with over 3,000 criminal sketches under his belt. Dove (through Unilever's U.K. office) and Ogilvy Brazil hired him to interview and draw...
18 Eating Disorders in Adolescence Can Have a Long Term Effect on Women’s Health
April 2013 - Despite the prevalence of eating disorders in adolescent girls, it’s difficult to find information about longer term health consequences in adults, as little follow-up has been done. A new article...
19 Council Speaker Recounts Her Struggles With Bulimia and Alcoholism
May 2013 - Her mother was dying of breast cancer that had spread to her bones. Almost every morning, the young Ms. Quinn woke her mother, bathed her, made her breakfast and gave her medication. Her mother had...
20 Brain Imaging Studies Reveal Neurobiology of Eating Disorders
April 2013 - Current treatments for anorexia and bulimia nervosa, which afflict an estimated 10 to 24 million Americans, are often limited and ineffective. Patients relapse. They become chronically...
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