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1 Why I Hired an Executive with a Mental Illness
January 2014 - A few years ago, I was interviewing a candidate for a substantial position in our firm. Although the candidate and I had exchanged a number of emails, this was our first meeting...
2 Breaking down stereotypes helps Asian Americans embrace mental health care
June 2014 - As a refugee from war-torn Cambodia, I struggled with post-traumatic stress. I knew I couldn't cope with my feelings on my own, but even if I'd known where to turn for help, I wouldn't have had the words. My...
3 Latinas and Eating Disorders
March 2014 - About 10% of Americans struggle with eating disorders. But among Latinos, this disease often goes underreported and undiagnosed. And some evidence suggest that Latinos might be more susceptible...
4 The Struggle to Treat Mental Illness
February 2014 - When "Jake Johanson" had his first psychotic break on his 21st birthday, his parents worked hard to find a psychiatrist and medications that worked for his schizophrenia...
5 ANAD Winter 2013-14 Newsletter
Winter 2013-14
6 Mentally Ill Youth In Crisis
January 2014 - Last November 19th, Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds was slashed and stabbed repeatedly by his own son. Gus Deeds was 24 years old and had been struggling with mental illness....
7 The Chains That Bind Me: Letting Go of E.D.
2013 - "Fears suffocate me. Trapped in mind and body. If I’m living, it’s a nightmare. I can’t move, can’t scream, can’t breathe, can’t feel. I’m crippled, though not physically. Worshipping an...
8 EDC Succeeds in Parity Push!
November 2013 - The EDC has worked tirelessly, in the past two years to put pressure on the Administration to release the regulations for the Mental Health Parity Addiction Equity Act of 2008 and to...
9 Men's Eating Disorders Get Increased Attention
October 2013 - Then Sala, now 19 and a student at UC Davis, started losing weight and couldn't stop. Sometimes he would go days without eating. Other days he would ravage his family kitchen in the middle of...
10 Lacking rules, insurers balk
September 2013 - THE first time Melissa Morelli was taken to the hospital, she was suicidal and cutting herself, her mother says. She was just 13, and she had been transferred to a psychiatric...
11 The New Science of Mind
September 2013 - These days it is easy to get irritated with the exaggerated interpretations of brain imaging — for example, that a single fMRI scan can reveal our innermost feelings — and with inflated...
12 Lawsuit Says Anthem Violated Calif. Mental Health Parity Act
August 2013 - Last week, an Anthem Blue Cross policyholder filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that the insurer has unlawfully denied coverage of recommended care to PPO members with eating disorders...


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