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"Last year, my husband and I determined that our 13-year-old daughter had succumbed to an eating disorder. She had started to see treatment professionals, but in two months she had gotten worse rather than better. Finding the Website for the Eating Disorders Resource Center made all the difference. I combed through the site, using the directory of treatment professionals. Founder Janice Bremis, program director Kira Olson, and support group facilitator Debra Schlesinger shared their expertise with me on the phone in long consultations. When I attended the Friends and Family support group in Mt. View, Debra provided valuable information in the form of an eating disorder treatment handbook. Armed with the knowledge and guidance provided by EDRC, I was able to move forward with confidence and get my daughter into the LPCH Eating Disorders outpatient program. While she remains in treatment as she continues to deal with the psychological aspects of her disorder, she has maintained a stable healthy weight for six months. She is in a much better place than she was a year ago. I am grateful to EDRC for the support they provided at a time of crisis, and it gives me solace knowing that they continue to be a resource as my daughter works to overcome this debilitating condition." -San Mateo County Mom
"Thank you for loving and caring about others enough to create a center that is helping many people and taking action, not just talking about it. As a mother of a child who went through an eating disorder, I wish I had had a center that could have guided me in what to do and where to find help. EDRC is important not only to those with eating disorders but also to families.  Having support groups and access to people who understand makes all the difference. I applaud you for reaching out to the public and working to ensure that no one is forgotten, left alone, helpless, and hopeless." -Grateful Donor
"I live in Moncton, N.B. and we have nothing compared to the information you have shared in the EDRC newsletter. I wish there was more to fall back on here in Canada." - Paula Bourque 
"Thank you to EDRC for connecting me with another parent who has had a daughter with an eating disorder.  There were so many "Aha" moments for us when we met with her.  Not only did we learn resources and gain hope for our own family, but we were also recently able to reach out to a friend with a suicidal daughter.  If we had not been connected by EDRC, we would not feel strengthened or be able to offer this support to others.  Thank you!" -Parent
"I went to the mentorconnect website following EDRC's  recommendation. I'm desperate to become healed from my eating addiction that I've had for so many years. There have been short periods of my life where I thought my eating was under control, and then: There it is! My eating and bulimia creeps back into my life again. I'm hoping to be healed forever. I am really starting to reach out, and thank you for helping me get started by finding a mentor." -Grateful Client 
"Thank you for all that you do for thousands of kids who are quietly suffering from food disorders." -Sam Liccardo, San Jose City Council
"My daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder five years ago. As a parent, I just didn’t see it. I didn’t understand and I didn’t know how we would treat it. EDRC was so helpful giving me books, information about different programs and insights into my daughter’s mindset. They recommended group sessions and helped me vet treatment programs. It was a long ordeal and my daughter was in the hospital several times. But thanks to EDRC, we found a great program in the Bay Area and our daughter and our family are finally on the road to recovery". -Grateful mother 
"My daughter suffered with an eating disorder for seven years.  At the onset of her diagnosis, I was at a loss what to do.  At the time, there was no place I could turn to for help.  I only wish the EDRC had been in existence!  The EDRC  provides resources and supportive services on many levels for families and sufferers.  It is a service the community cannot do without." -Mother
"Thank you for making the public aware of how necessary it is to deal with and talk about this issue. It can be such a lonely place to be suffering from an eating disorder, but you made me realize I'm not alone." -Debbie Reek, EDRC Client
“Today I feel like I know so much more about my daughter’s eating disorder because of you. You simply:
  • Responded to my desperate calls 
  • Listened to my story
  • Related to my daughter well
  • Assured me that I was doing the right thing
  • Directed me to experts
  • Gave me choices
This disorder is unfamiliar territory for me and I imagine for most parents. Thank you for shedding light on this illness.”  
-Sally Arce, Mother
“The work of the EDRC related to the key mission of raising awareness about the severe mental and physical health consequences of eating disorders is crucial to our region. No other coordinating body has taken on this important initiative although 5-8% of adolescents and adults suffer from these disorders. Anorexia Nervosa has a mortality rate between 5-10%, the highest of any psychiatric illness. However, early detection and intervention appears to greatly alter the course of the disorder reducing both mortality and morbidity. It has been my pleasure to present on behalf of EDRC’s speakers bureau throughout the region at various hospitals and community forums..." -Dr. Pamela Carlton
"EDRC has taken a determined, focused, and energetic approach to educating our community about the dire consequences of eating disorders. In doing so, EDRC has helped to dispel misleading myths about eating disorders, encouraged early identification of eating problems, and promoted awareness about what the biological basis of these disorders and how best to treat them." -Jim Lock, MD, Ph.D, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Stanford University, Director, Eating Disorder Program, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
"Thank you for your help connecting me with the treatment team in Iowa. I didn't know where to start and you helped me find the right treatment program for me." -Grateful Client
“Thank you for making the public aware of how necessary it is to deal with and talk about eating disorders. It can be such a lonely place to be suffering from an eating disorder, but you made me feel I’m not alone.” -EDRC Client
“Thank you so much for being a local resource and for the excellent website. I am so impressed with the professionalism and the amount of work you have done. The web site looks great and is a true public service.” -Ellyn D. Herb, Ph.D.
“As Best Practices Chair for Eating Disorders for Kaiser Permanente, Northern California. I commend EDRC for their commitment to increasing awareness of eating disorders among health care professionals, connecting those with eating disorders to services, including an excellent website and monthly support groups and offering programs in the schools to help prevent eating disorders.”  -Nan B Shaw, LCSW, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center 

“It is important that we have a local resource like EDRC available to guide patients and/or parents to information. Eating disorders are a very misunderstood disease and often go undiagnosed.”  -Dr. Trifilo

EDRC Facilitates Support Groups

"For the past 3 years I have been a participant and a volunteer at the EDRC support group for parents and friends with loved ones suffering from eating disorders. I am so grateful for this amazing organization which provides a plethora of information and resources on every aspect of this debilitating illness. Being with other parents who are going through the same horrendous experience of learning, helping, managing and fighting for their loved one's survival and recovery is a life line to help combat that overwhelming sense of isolation that is part of this illness.  The awesome staff of EDRC work tirelessly and the facilitators of the support groups are dedicated souls who give from the heart. Participants come to these groups in a state of shock, bewilderment and emotional chaos...they walk out with a sense of purpose and hope and armed with a list of resources and lots of support.  For many, this is the only source of support. Thank you EDRC for all your dedication and advocacy...you are a true blessing." -EDRC volunteer
"I'm so happy to have found a support group thathas helped me move forward in my recovery. I'm doing a little better. The group is helping. I'm so glad the group exists." -Support Group Member
"Our family felt a wave of anxiety when it was time for our daughter to return home from treatment. We knew finding an outpatient treatment team in the Bay Area would be difficult. All the treatment centers she attended made promises to put aftercare in place, but none did, and we found ourselves on our own. Contacting the EDRC was truly a blessing. With EDRC resources, we were able to put a team of medical professionals together for my daughter on an outpatient level. In the early years, our family had desperately needed the understanding and support from others, but nothing existed until EDRC. It was so heartwarming to actually speak to someone on the other end of the phone who cared. They actually called me back and followed up with me to make certain I was getting the information I needed. The parent/family support group has become a safe haven of fellowship with wonderful women and men going through the same struggles and fears, and it continues to be a tremendous comfort. EDRC’s spirit of kindness, compassion, and helpfulness has provided an insurmountable amount of resources in educational, professional, and emotional support and has been a tremendous blessing to our daughter and family." -Mother
"My daughter is doing very well in her recovery. Her vitals are stable...I can't thank you enough for the support and information you provided me. Without you and the Family and Friends support group, my daughter and I would have been lost." -Steve
"Attending the support group has given me a feeling that there is hope for my daughter. The group made me realize that eating disorders are complex illnesses, and not choiecs." -Support group attendee
"I was bulimic for about 1.5 years. For most of that time I lived in complete denial. It got really bad and at some point, deep inside, I knew I was sick. I never told anyone because I was afraid of how they would react. Finally, one day, after a bad episode, I looked in the mirror and faced reality. I needed help, badly. I called a counselor that specialized in eating disorders. She saw me immediately. At first getting the words out were so hard. She was the first person I had told. I felt so much better after I spoke with her getting all that out of my head. After our first session she recommended that I go to an EDRC meeting. I was nervous going to the meeting but that feeling went away immediately. It was so amazing and comforting to sit and talk to girls and women who were going through the same thing I was. Finally, I felt like a normal person again and I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. I continued seeing my counselor and attending EDRC meetings. The EDRC meetings were wonderful and such a big help to me. It took some time but I recovered and have been a very happy and healthy gal since the summer of 2007. Today my life is filled with so much  love and happiness. I take good care of myself, eat healthy and exercise at healthy levels and I feel so good inside. I feel very fortunate that I faced reality and got help from the counselor and the EDRC."  -Client

“I'm glad you have decided to do the group sessions twice a month. I'm trying to find solutions, answers and not blame myself for my daughter’s actions, but like always, parents feel responsible for the children's actions. It's been sleepless nights for me. I'm a single mom, so your support is truly appreciated.”  
“I was so scared to check out an eating disorders group. It took me 4 months to get the courage to attend. But this group has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in my life.”  -Client
"Our daughter developed anorexia over a year ago in the course of a very few months.
Until we connected with EDRC, we had no idea what hit us, where to get reliable information on what it is, what caused it, how best to treat it, where to find reliable treatment providers, how to deal with insurance companies and HIPPA laws, and how to get support for ourselves. We were simply overwhelmed, dealing with an illness we soon learned had to be managed aggressively, in order to increase the chances our daughter could recover from it . . .    
We’ve been attending EDRC monthly support meetings this past year and each time, we have benefitted enormously by receiving important information and guidance, both from the group leaders as well as from other parents and loved ones. We also are grateful for the advice we've received from the outstanding guest experts, including physicians, dietitians, attorneys and therapists who came to share their knowledge. With eating disorders more and more prevalent, it is crucial for those affected to have a place to go for information and support.  Thank you, Janice and your dedicated team of volunteers for providing this invaluable service.” -Stacey

EDRC Educates Community Members

"Eating Disorder Resource Center provided a wonderful free training for our staff at Advent Group Ministries. Many of the clients we work with have substance abuse issues and are also simultaneously struggling with eating disorders, so it was very applicable to what we do. They were flexible in arranging a time and came well prepared. The speakers were experienced and clearly passionate about what they do. Advent staff walked away from this training with important tools under our belt for working with adolescents who struggle with eating disorders thanks to the Eating Disorder Resource Center!" -Elise Greenaway, Advent Ministries

"Laura Griffith Mendoza was our most recent speaker from EDRC and she provided a great presentation for our new interns who were eager to hear about interventions and how to work with individuals with eating disorders.  Laura is our third speaker from EDRC and she upheld their tradition of sending us quality, very knowledgeable, and engaging speakers.  She was able to engage the group and was able to really hone in on what they wanted out of our guest speakers:  ideas for interventions.  Laura was able to relate well to them and exceeded their expectations!  She did so well that I invited her to speak to my practicum class at Santa Clara University too!" -Vicky Tamashiro, Clinical Director, Alum Rock Counseling Center

"I am grateful to the partnership of EDRC, Center For Hope of the Sierras, and SFAPTED for their comprehensive presentation about diabulimia to a wide audience of therapists, nurses, dietitians, diabetes educators and physicians. Diabulimia is a dangerous combination of type 1 diabetes and an eating disorder, and EDRC is in the forefront of bringing the hidden population of those struggling with it to light and bringing a much needed awareness of it to the community." --Elizabeth Basile, LMFT

"Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Hidden Complexities of Treating Eating Disorders in Diabetics, organized by EDRC. Shannon Aldworth, Director of Nursing for the Center for Hope, spoke about identifying and detecting diabulimia and ways that her facility treats this variant of bulimia among people with diabetes. She also spoke about the treatment challenges, such as helping people separate disordered eating behavior from decisions and behaviors related to the diabetes, and of helping clients adopt an intuitive eating philosophy, which is usually the opposite of how people with diabetes have been taught to approach eating. She reviewed results of a pilot research project for this population undertaken at Center for Hope; using their multimodality approach (including having patients receive their insulin via multiple daily injections rather than a pump that can be manipulated to minimize weight gain) the patients with diabulimia had, at the end of treatment, both better blood sugar and significant reductions in scores on the Eating Disorder Inventory-3.

We then heard from Erin Akers, founder and CEO of Diabulimia Helpline. Ms. Akers related her personal struggle with diabulimia, including several serious brushes with death; her struggles led her to want to help other people struggling with diabulimia.  She told us about the various ways that people with diabetes can (mis)use their insulin regime to minimize weight gain.

Thanks, Janice, for helping disseminate information about this “hidden” form of bulimia." -- Robin S. Rosenberg, Ph.D., ABPP Member, American Academy of Eating Disorders

“EDRC’s partnership with Childhood Feeding Collaborative in bringing Dr. Katja Rowell to Santa Clara County was a tremendous success. We definitely increased awareness of the role child feeding practices have in the development of child disordered eating. Preventing disordered eating should begin in infancy by practicing the feeding model, Division of Responsibility. Thanks, EDRC for your help in bringing this important message to a wide range of pediatric service providers and parents. “ -Carol Danaher, MPH, RD Childhood Feeding Collaborative

"Dr. Lisa Groesz' presentation on 'How to Manage Eating Disorders in a Residential Treatment Center for Addiction' helped us understand the new DSM-V for binge eating and the role of stress in eating behaviors. We walked away with tools to use with our clients and knowledge of local resources for treatment and support." -Amanda Young, PhD, Clinical Director of The Sequoia Center

"Thank you for the program on healthy eating for our Spanish-speaking parents from Washington Elementary School. The speakers were very interactive and engaging, and the hands on approach required the audience to pay attention and become involved." -Stacy Muccino, Community Partner

"Thanks very much to all of you, for the very valuable presentation; many of our staff have requested eating disorder resource information over time.  I'm looking forward to further coordination with EDRC." - Anthony Cozzolino, MD, Medical Director VMC

“Having the participation of EDRC gave strength and depth to Strong Girls, Strong Women Leadership Conference and enriched everyone who participated.  My very best to you and to all the  dedicated staff of EDRC.” - Louise Persson, AAUW

"The Someday Melissa film screening and panel discussion, coordinated by EDRC and Center for Hope of the Sierras, offered not only San Jose State University (SJSU) students, staff, and faculty, but also the community at large an opportunity to become more familiar with and informed about eating disorders.” -Cassie Alvarado, MS, RD, SJSU

"The presentation given to primary care doctors at Valley Medical Center on EDRC resources was great, thank you.  We really appreciate your time and work to provide resources for this population." -Dr. Ginger Roehrig, SCVMC Primary Care Physician

“Thank you to EDRC and Dr. Sarah Forsberg for the informative presentation on eating disorders. The area of eating disorders is often neglected, due to a lack of accessible information. This often results in a lack of confidence among clinicians in even approaching the topic. Staff commented that they are more confident in their ability to address this area of treatment.” --Christie Pfalzgraf, Alum Rock Counseling Center Supervisor

"The presentation by Laura Griffith at Milpitas Library during National Eating Disorders Awareness week was absorbing, and we had a good response from the community.  Thank you so much for all you do to bring these issues to light." -Don Phillips, Teen Librarian at Milpitas Library, SCCLD

"Thank you for the presentation on healthy eating and physical exercise. Linda Sweeney did a great job presenting the material and the jeopardy game really got the students engaged. This was a very positive learning experience for them." -Perple Lu, Job Corps Academics Instructor

"Thank you for bringing the screening of this important film to San Jose. I am grateful to you for the work you do and feel lucky to have the EDRC in our community." -Jennifer Waldrop, San Jose State University Wellness & Health Promotion Coordinator

“Dr. Burgard’s presentation was excellent. Students were enthusiastic had lots of questions. I would highly recommend this presentation to health professionals working with any population. It is a fresh approach to assessing the health of individuals.” -Linda Hoogendijk, Director of Nursing, Evergreen Community College

"As a result of the training I can better screen my clients for eating disorders. I now know how to access local community services and where to get support for my clients." -Workshop Attendee
“Thank you for the training on body image issues, disordered eating behaviors and thoughts, and how to approach students we may suspect as having an eating disorder. My staff and I feel more confident and competent to deal with this often hidden illness.” -Director Youth Services, YWCA Silicon Valley

"I really enjoyed last night's event. Everyone was very welcoming and the energy of EDRC was palpable! It was a pleasure to meet the Himmels and to hear their story." -Patti, Book signing attendee

“As a result of your physician training, I can better screen my patients for eating disorders. I now know how to access local community services and where to get support for my patients.” -Grateful physician

“Thank you for Dr. Kara Fitzpatrick’s program on eating disorders. As a result of the presentation our staff is now better aware of how to identify signs and symptoms of eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders; understand the differences between them; learn about local experts and evidence-based treatments; and local resources for parents, families and physicians.” -Director, Las Plumas Clinic

"Thanks again to Dr. Carlton for an excellent presentation! It was really relevant to our practices and I have gotten a bunch of feedback that it was well-received. In fact, several of my colleagues have already begun doing more screening of their patients and have become more aware of possible red flags for an eating disorder. Thank you EDRC for making this possible." -Andrea Cervenka, M.D., Santa Clara Health and Hospital System

EDRC Advocates for Care

"Thank you for your help with advocating on behalf of my daughter's treatment for anorexia. Because of your guidance, the HMO has decided to cover my daughter's treatment. You gave me the encouragement to continue advocating when I was feeling worn down." -Mother
"Unfortunately, Medi-Cal's coverage for treating those suffering from an eating disorder is essentially nonexistent. I was desperate to find the proper treatment for my client, who was struggling with her anorexia. My client's mother was unable to afford the costly fees of outpatient/inpatient treatment programs and my client's weight was getting dangerously low. Thankfully, I found the Eating Disorder Resource Center and was put in contact with Janice Bremis. The EDRC worked tirelessly to provide me with resources and contacts that would provide my client with the care that she needs. Thanks to the EDRC my client is in the process of entering a treatment program at Stanford that is specifically designed to treat eating disorders in adolescents. Thank you for providing a resource that serves all clients struggling with eating disorders regardless of their level of income." -Diana Lohr, LCSW Momentum for Mental Health

Words from Our Funders

"I am delighted that Rotary Club of San Jose was able to donate funds to help EDRC purchase much needed computer equipment, books, and marketing materials to take their work to the next level. The community needs to learn about this vital topic. We are pleased to support EDRC through our rotary endowment. We see and appreciate the good work they are doing in our community." -Lisa Jafferies, Rotary Club Downtown San Jose

"Kaiser is happy to sponsor this program as part of our healthy lifestyle focus area. EDRC is successfully reaching out to both the general and medical communities. Feeding your body well, being active, and feeling good about yourself matters more than a number on the scale." -Darcie Green, Manager, Community and Government Relations, Kaiser San Jose Medical Center
"Congratulations on the successes that your agency is achieving. I was excited to see the news about the 3-to-1 match from San Jose Medical Center Foundation. Enclosed is my check to help you reach your $200,000 goal. Keep up the good work!" -Toni Ensunsa, Director, Stability Programs, United Way Silicon Valley
"We appreciate and value the work of EDRC in Silicon Valley. We hope our challenge grant will encourage many of you to become a donors." -Justine Choy, Program Officer, The Health Trust
 “Kaiser Permanente’s mission is to improve the health of our members and communities we serve. We thank the Eating Disorders Resource Center for your tenacity and commitment to our community’s health.”  -Elizabeth Sills, Kaiser Permanente

“El Camino Hospital is pleased to support EDRC. Thank you for the excellent work your center provides. We appreciate having your expert team of volunteers and resources available for our hospital, our community and our partners.”  -Barbara Avery, Director, Community Benefit, El Camino Hospital
"The Lockheed Martin Emplyees' Foundation is happy to support EDRC and their efforts to promote awareness, recovery, and advocacy." -Vanessa Williams, Executive Director, Lockheed Martin Employees' Foundation

“I continue to be impressed and grateful for the multi-prong work of the EDRC. Our hospital will continue to support this vital agency that is providing unique and much needed services to health care professionals, patients and their families.”
-Candace Roney, Executive Director, Community Partnerships, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital

EDRC Volunteers Make the Difference

"I wanted to get involved with EDRC after learning about the work they are doing for the community in regards to outreach, education and support for those struggling. As a graduate student in clinical psychology and a part of the Stanford Eating Disorder Clinic, I felt drawn to the purpose and mission of EDRC. I want to do what I can to help close the gap between the resources available and those struggling with eating disorder and body image issues. I feel so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful and noble organization." -Kristen Lohse, Project Coordinator
"You have no idea how grateful I am to be volunteering at EDRC.  Ever since I recovered, I knew I wanted to help others with similar difficulties and to spread awareness about this scary illness.  EDRC has given me the opportunity to use my struggles as a virtue in helping others and has helped me develop better confidence in myself.  It is an honor to work with such inspiring and dedicated people.  Thank you for everything." -Tushita Gupta, Grade 11, Evergreen Valley High School 
"Thank you for dedicating your valuable time and expertise to help with my school project - I have gained invaluable first-hand experience in eating disorder awareness.  The group sessions were eye-opening, for they showed me how real people deal with eating disorders and helped me understand the emotional and mental aspects of eating disorders." -Japjot Bal, Grade 12, Irvington High School
"Thank you for your help with my school project - after seven months of working with you, I have gained a much more profound knowledge of eating disorders.  Thank you for inviting me to seminars, setting up interviews that provided information I could not have obtained online, and patiently explaining any questions I had.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with EDRC, and I am extremely honored to have worked with such passionate and knowledgeable people." -Rose Yan, Grade 12, Irvington High School
"The most rewarding part of my job is when children and adults learn to have a good relationshp with food and when all those who suffer from eating disorders become healthy and love their bodies" -Grace Shih, RD, EDRC Board Member



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